iTunes readying subscription service?

Renting your tunes, a la Nokia Comes With Music and Napster, is fast becoming the order of the day in the vast world of digital downloads.And now, the

And now, the Financial Times is reporting that suits at Apple (or more likely a middle aged chap in high waisted jeans and a turtle neck), are lining up a similar kind of subs deal for iTunes.

According to the business rag, Jobs and co have been holding high level talks with record labels about giving their full libraries over to punters. The only sticking point seems to be how much they’re willing to fork out for the privilege.

Currently, Nokia offers label big cheeses $80 for every handset they flog with their Comes With Music deal. Apple is said to have put a measly $20 on the table.

If it does ever come off, word is we’re looking at a deal focused on the iPhone, with customers having to lay out more cash when they buy the thing to get involved.

With iTunes already offering a movie rental service (in the US at least) and dominating legal music downloads, could this be the final step towards Jobs’ dream of running the planet, Ming the Merciless style, out of his bolthole in Cupertino?



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