iTunes 9 to pack Blu-ray support and social network integration?

iTunes 9 is set to come with come with some rather exciting new features, if whispers making their way around the net are to be believed.Tipsters have

Tipsters have told Boy Genius Report that iTunes is to receive a whole host of new additions in its update, including Blu-ray support, and some sort of integration for Twitter, Facebook and

There was also talk of being able to "visually organise" your iPhone and iPod touch applications from within iTunes.

The Blu-ray support certainly backs up the recent talk that Apple was planning to integrate the HD tech into its new line-up of iMacs.

There was no talk on an expected release date for this feature-packed iTunes, but with we'd expect to hear something on it during Apple's iPod event around September, when we may also see something on those rumoured camera-packing iPod Nanos.

Keep it locked to for the latest, and let us know the additions you'd like to see Apple make to iTunes 9 below.