iTunes 9 outed with redesigned store, Home Sharing and iTunes LP

The first big news out of the Apple iPod event is the confirmation of iTunes 9, complete with improved syncing, iPhone App Management, iTunes LP and t

A nice addition is the new Genius Mixes. Similar to how Genius recommends other tunes you might like based on your library, Genius Mixes acts like an automatic DJ that will pick songs that go well together to create up to 12 continuous playlists for you to choose from – Phil Schiller has confirmed this feature will be coming to iPod touch as well.

Sticking with the playlists theme, the new improved syncing in iTunes 9 will allow you to choose what exactly it is you want to sync with your iPod – from playlists to individual genres and artists. Handy.

We'd heard some talk of app management in the whispers about iTunes 9, and this is one rumour that's proved to be true. You'll be able rearrange, add and delete apps from your iPod or iPhone homescreen from within iTunes itself. Just make sure it's connected first.

Probably one of the most interesting additions to iTunes is the Home Sharing, which will see you able to share everything from music and video to applications between up to 5 computers in the same household. Authorised computers will be able to simply drag and drop content between folders, and will even be alerted to new content added by users that they don't have.

Most interesting is the sharing of apps – is Apple really telling us we only need to buy an app once for it to be used multiple times? Interesting to say the least.

The iTunes store has got itself a revamp, making it clearer and easier to use, with the addition of 20,000 precut iPhone ringtones, and "Wishlists" that will allow you to share links from the store on Facebook and Twitter. That'll be that social network integration we heard about, then.

Finally from iTunes 9 is iTunes LP, which is the "Cocktail" idea we'd already heard about. In order to give albums a boost on iTunes, any records bought as an iTunes LP will come with extras such as liner notes, lyrics, artwork and extra video content. There will be a similar feature for videos called iTunes Extra, working very much like DVD extras.

iTunes 9 is going to be available to download from tonight for free. Very nice too.

What do you think to the new features? Let us know below.