iTunes 9 – more details emerge

Following on from the rumours of what itunes 9 will have in store for us, more details have come out regarding the social networking integration that

iTunes 9 will apparently boast its own "Social" application that will appear as an option in the left hand menu. This will then allow you to consolidate all your social networking services, such as Twitter, Facebook and, into one place.

Once you've done this, the app will reportedly allow you to let all your friends know what music you're listening to, share your music with other people in your network and update all your statuses in one fell swoop.

We'll have to wait and see if any of this actually comes true, but there have since been screen grabs of the Social tab that give certainly the story a bit more weighting.

Would you use iTunes to keep your social networks in check? Let us know below.

Via: BGR