It’s iPhone 5 launch day

Tired of waiting? No more sleeps until tonight’s 6pm announcement gets underway

Wake up and smell the secrecy – the iPhone 5 launches today. At 6pm (UK time) we’ll be sitting in our chairs waiting for the new face of Apple – Tim Cook – to put his hand into a pocket and draw out the next-generation iPhone. Or will there be two?

All that’s a few hours away, but we’ll have our liveblog up and running a bit later and you can visit our iPhone 5 rumour round-up for all the speculation, guesswork and fuzzy pictures of dubious origin you can handle. We’ll be keeping you up to date on the fresh meat hitting the rumour bin today, and remember to fire up for the full liveblog from the event.

We’ll also be casting our analytical eye over the iPhone 5’s new features (and possibly the iPhone 4S’s, too) and bringing you in-depth hands-on reviews, videos and features. If it happens, it’ll happen here. See you at 6pm…


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