Is it really all over for HD DVD?

A rumble of a rumour that started in the Hollywood Reporter on Friday has gathered pace all weekend and emerged as all but confirmed this morning - To

With all the blows its received over recent weeks - Woolworths dropping it from stores here, Netflix, Best Buy and Walmart dropping it in the US and Warner Bros switching sides to Blu-Ray, it was perhaps inevitable that HD DVD would fold. But, despite the evidence, Toshiba's PR machine has been holding on as doggedly as the Iraqi Information Minister at Baghdad Airport.

Officially our Toshiba source has said: ‘There have been media reports that Toshiba will discontinue its HD DVD business. In fact, Toshiba has not made any announcement or decision on that. We are currently assessing our business strategies, but nothing has been decided at this moment.’ Unofficially, sources have been telling Reuters that it's, ‘entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business.’

This morning the BBC went with the latter and, just in case anyone was in any doubt, Toshiba's shares leapt 6 per cent in Tokyo as investors celebrated it cutting its losses. Reuters reckons an official statement could come as early as next week.

So now it seems it's time for us to welcome our new HD overlords, Blu-ray. How long before HD downloads make it obsolete?


Contact: Toshiba

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