The iPod triathlete

It takes a lot for an iPod acccessory to stand out in the daily flood of new white toys - but that's exactly what the iRadio does. It's an FM radio, FM transmitter and remote in one

If you're a Podder, chances are you've seen FM transmitters, FM radio add-ons and remote controls for the iPod before. But have you ever seen them all rolled together?

You have now. This little widget is the iRadio, a Dock-powered accessory that combines all three functions in one device.

Transmitting FM is strictly illegal in the UK, but it's a a dandy way of listening to your player's tunes on the car stereo. If you'd rather abide by the word of the law, check out our Pod My Ride feature in this month's September issue.

The iRadio costs £45 and is available for preorder now at iPod World