iPod Nano & ROKR phone: first thoughts

Minutes after Apple's announcement, we've managed to get hands-on with Apple's new products. There's no video iPod, but here's what we reckon to the iTunes mobile phone and the iPod nano

We've managed to get hands on with Apple's new iPod Nano - the flash-memory based replacement for the iPod mini - and Moto's iTunes compatible phone. Here's what we reckon:

iPod Nano

No great leap forwards here: the long-awaited video iPod is now even longer-awaited. But in the meantime, Apple has pulled off another design coup with the Nano - if Bang & Olufssen made camcorders, this is what the remote control would look like.

It's smaller than an iPod mini, and credit-card thin, yet boasts a colour screen and clickwheel - and it's available in the UK and US this weekend at £180 (or $250) for the 4GB version. That's enough space for 1000 songs, but stored on flash memory chips rather than hard-disk. Solid-state flash chips are more expensive than hard drives, but also smaller and less battery hungry - the Nano's quoted battery life is 14 hours, despite its emaciated appearance.

iPods can't get much thinner - the headphone jack is almost as thick as the player - but they can get more capacious. Our biggest gripe would be the price - impressive for such a large flash memory player, but poor when compared to hard-drive players available at a similar price with five times the capacity.

But that said, it's not going to stop a lot of people wanting one. We're first in the queue... stay tuned for a full review.

iTunes Phone

We're a little disappointed by Motorola's ROKR - for a start, it's nowhere near as cool looking as the V3, or the iPod. And then there's the fact that it only pulls tunes from your computer rather than downloading them over-the-air. It's really nothing more than a phone with built-in iPod Shuffle functionality - and is therefore a direct rival to Sony Ericsson's W800i Walkman phone. And our first impressions are that the W800i offers more, in a cooler package - albeit one not compatible with the world-beating iTunes Music Store.

Time will tell... with no network partners announced in the UK, it could be a while before we see the ROKR. In the meantime, Motorola's boss seemed very excited about the next generation of the iPod phone.

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