The iPod docks that won't charge Apple iPhone 3G

The Apple iPhone 3G is a brilliant bit of kit, but it's not without a few minor problems. I've already resigned myself to being without videocalling (

Right now, I need to charge my iPhone 3G twice a day. Admittedly I have been spending pretty much every waking moment playing with it, so I'm not going to comment too much about the new iPhone's battery life - I'll save that for a later post, once I get a clearer idea of what 'normal' useage.

If my computer's on, that's not a problem - just hook it up to the USB (although the iPhone 3G's extra width means I can't use my old iPhone dock).

But if my Mac's not on, I'm in trouble. Sure, the iPhone ships with a mains power adapter. But I left that in the office - after all, I have a range of speaker docks at home that I've been using to charge by 2.5G iPhone. That way I can listen to music while I charge. Or so I thought.

Turns out that many docks won't charge the new iPhone 3G - including Apple's (discontinued) iPod hi-fi and the properly high-fidelity Arcam R-Dock.

Fortunately, B&W's Zeppelin dock saved the day for me, although it still won't act as a synching dock despite having a USB connection to my computer.

All of which is a bit of a pain - since the 3rd generation of iPod Apple has stuck with a universal connector for its iPods and iPhones (Shuffle excepted). Now it doesn't seem quite so universal.

If you have an iPhone 3G, let me know if your dock works with it.

Does your dock charge the Apple iPhone 3G?

Apple iPod Hi-Fi NO

Apple iPod FireWire cable NO

Arcam r-dock NO

B&W Zeppelin YES

JBL Radial YES

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