iPlayer lands on iPhone

What's this? Eastenders on an iPhone? It can only mean one thing. Yes, iPlayer has arrived and we rather like it.The Beeb's Anthony Rose has been reve

The Beeb's Anthony Rose has been revealing how they did it over on his BBC blog. Seems there's been no use of the iPhone SDK to create a new piece of software, or any reliance on the much rumoured Flash for iPhone. Instead the chaps over at iPlayer HQ have been busy encoding as much content as they can into a format that iPhone and Touch can happily play via the browser.

So, go ahead. Set your browser on course for and enjoy. It's still beta for now, which means not everything's available but what is there looks decidedly lush and stutter free.

If the phone rings it'll pause the action until you are ready to get back to it. It'll also resume where it left off if you exit mid-way through Ashes to Ashes

Not surprisingly it's only works over Wi-Fi, not EDGE (maybe a 3G iPhone will fix that) but there is a deal with the Cloud to allow you to watch iPlayer at any one of its zillion or so hotspots for nowt.

And good news for non-iPhone owners. Other iPlayer versions are in the pipeline. The developers say they're concentrating on devices, like the iPhone, that have built-in browsers first. Wii and N95 are two they mention, so stay tuned for more.


iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch

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