iPlayer hits a million

The lure of anytime Eastenders, Top Gear and, er, Can Fat Teens Hunt? must be tempting, as the Beeb's online catch-up service, iPlayer, has just passe

After 3.5 million downloads of all programmes, the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Top Gear and the miseryguts Christmas edition of the 'Enders have come out tops. But there's still room for the Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps of this world, with half the shows downloaded coming from outside the BBC's top 50.

And it looks like the last-minute switch to Linux- and Apple-friendly online streaming was a wise one: eight times more users have gone for the online viewer rather than the Windows-only peer-to-peer player.

Now the Beeb just has to catch up with its biggest rival, 4oD. Channel 4's on-demand service racked up 2.5 million users in its first five months from launch just over a year ago.