iPlayer – 42 million shows and counting

No wonder the ISPs are getting antsy. The BBC has just announced it dished up a massive 42 million shows since it came out of Beta at Christmas.17.2 m

17.2 million programmes were snagged in March, rising from 14 million in February and 11.2 million in January. That’s a whole lot of Eastenders and tawdry BBC Three comedies shooting down our broadband connections, make no mistake.

The most popular show is currently the first episode of The Apprentice, which sees a hapless Sloane become the first loser to feel the wrath of Suralan.

Auntie says over half a million punters download or stream shows every day. So it’s hardly surprising when ISPs like Tiscali get their knickers in a twist about their servers going into meltdown under the weight of all this legal downloading mayhem.

Ashley Highfield, the Beeb’s Director of Future Media and Technology said the corporation was “…working closely with the internet service providers with a view to driving the next generation of broadband internet access."

No mention of any burgeoning war, but we’re betting things are about to get tasty as the iPlayer gets even more popular.


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