iPhone OS 3.0 – Apple spruces up App Store

Apple has set about rejigging the iPhone with the new 3.0 OS. And to get things started they've announced a raft of changes and improvements to the Ap

First up, paid for extras will now have a new In–App Purchase function. That means if you're paying to subscribe to a news service, or have to front up for new levels in a game, then it'll nudge you automatically to hand over your readies.

There's also a new peer to peer function. That means your iPhone or iPod Touch will scout round for other similar devices, letting you play games with other people in the area. Using Bluetooth, this function will also let you share contacts. Not exactly a revolution, but at least it's there.

Google Maps can now be embedded in other apps, so developers can use them in their own work. They're also going to allow devs to work up use maps for turn by turn navigation, so expect a TomTom app very soon indeed.

Push notification for apps has also been thrown in, with Apple admitting they're late to the party with this one. It means if you've got a Facebook or IM app, you'll know exactly when someone's hit you up.

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