iPhone jeans – a crime against fashion or the pinnacle of denim technology?

Do you have what it takes to brave the streets kitted out in these made-for-iPhone jeans?

If you're constantly having to stand up just to slip your smartphone out of your pocket then you've got two options – stop cutting off your circulation with skin-tight jeans, or slip on this made-for-iPhone pair.

Alphyn's Delta415 Wearcom jeans feature a transparent plastic pocket for your iPhone (or similarly-sized smartphone), allowing you to check your notifications and messages at a glance without having to slip it out of your pocket.

The jeans also have the latest in anti-theft technology – a zippable fold of denim which can cover up your precious iDevice in a jiffy at the first sign of trouble.

Available in sizes 28 to 38, the Delta415's can be snapped up from Alphyn now for US$160 (£100), so go forth and prepare to look fabulous, you stylish gadgeteer you.

[via The Sun]

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