iPhone guide: the models

Do you need the latest iPhone 4? Or will the iPhone 3G S do? Here's our rundown of the four-year evolution of Apple's smartphone

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iPhone (2007)

The Apple smartphone that started it all – the original iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen, a seriously enviable design and even an iPod inside. Can you say icon?

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iPhone 3G (2008)

With the iPhone 3G, we were treated to a curved back panel, the first apps in the App Store and GPS for Google Maps. Oh, and super-fast (for now) web browsing with 3G.

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iPhone 3G S (2009)

The iPhone 3G S is basically an upgrade from the 3G: it's faster, shoots video and the battery stays charged up for longer. But Apple didn't give us anything radically new here.

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iPhone 4 (2010)

The iPhone 4 is the model all your friends have – or want. It has a shiny new design, multi-tasking for running more than one app (like Spotify and Facebook at the same time) and as usual, browsing is faster and the battery lasts longer than any other iPhones.

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iPhone 5 (September 2011?)

iPhone 5 rumours have been flying around for months, all of course unconfirmed but Apple haven't let us down year-on-year so expect something exciting and iPhone shaped by the end of 2011.

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