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Sure, your iPhone design will make you sleep with one eye open as your friends seethe with envy but it's the App Store which means you can never go back to your pre-iPhone existence.

What's an app?

Apps are applications, a bit of software wizardry that helps you to complete a task or a couple of different tasks that are related. Apps split up everything clever that your iPhone can do, from news to games to photography tricks into simple, friendly-looking chunks. You can download them using your iTunes account.

So there's a few of these apps then?

Put it this way – the last time Apple counted it had over 425,000 free and paid-for apps in the App Store. And those apps have clocked up 15 billion downloads.

Too much choice. I'm breaking out in hives.

Don't sweat it, Stuff.tv's news and reviews of the latest iPhone apps and games is all you need.


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