iPhone contract costs slashed

You there, you with the iPhone! Fancy paying £10 less a month? Or being allocated three times as many minutes and double the number of texts?Tha

That's exactly what lucky British iPhone customers will be getting from Friday. O2 has just announced a whole new tariff structure that'll apply to both new and, rather magnanimously, old customers.

Those currently stumping up £35 a month will have their allowance tripled to 600 minutes with inclusive texts doubled to 400 – making it almost identical to the current £45 offering.

£45 peeps can save a tenner by dropping down a tariff, or enjoy a doubling of minutes to 1,200 and keeping their 500-a-month text allowance, matching the current £55 bundle.

Big talkers who are currently forking out £55 a month can either drop down to the new £45 package and keep the same entitlement, or move up to a new 'super' £75 plan giving a whopping 3,000 minutes and 500 texts.

Continuing the atmosphere of boundless generosity, all three tariffs will retain their unlimited data and free Wi-Fi use via The Cloud. Huzzah!

Of course, this wouldn't have anything to do with press reports that iPhone sales have been less than stellar, would it? No. Shame on us for even suggesting it.


Apple iPhone

Price: £270 with 18-month contract

On sale: Now

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