iPhone app of the week – Tap Tap Revenge: Coldplay

Now, Coldplay might not be the first act that spring to mind when thinking for a buddy-up for the utterly addictive Guitar Hero-style iPhone Tap Tap f

Following on from Tap Tap Dance and Tap Tap Revenge, this special Coldplay version features even more crazy-wild multicoloured graphics than the other titles, and even those with twelve fingers will find playing Yellow in Extreme mode pretty testing.

If Coldplay isn't your bag (astonishingly, some people think they are a little lame) then the also-new Tap Tap Revenge 2 has over 150 different titles for you to beat out on your iPhone.

What next? Tap Tap Leonard Cohen? Frankly, just for the pun value, I'd like to see Tap Tap Spinal Tap.