iPhone app of the week – Radio Times

Sky's iPhone app has only just got official, but if you're after something a little more meaty in the TV listings stakes, then the new Radio Times app

You get access to listings on every channel imaginable, from BBC One to, er, Shed. In true Radio Times style, you get full programme descriptions too, just in case you're not 100 per cent clear on what World's Wildest Police Videos actually covers. However, there's plenty more than exhaustive lists of what you'll be wasting your time on in the evening.

There's one touch Wikipedia access for trivia and background on your favourite shows, YouTube clips and official trailers, and, here's the clincher, links to BBC iPlayer for cacth–up episodes. Perfect if you missed Sir Alan Sugar going spare at some preeening business wannabe on last week's Apprentice.

Oh and just to make things even better, there are full movie and show ratings, so you don't end up watching a duff flick ever again. The app costs £1.79 now, with that price rising to £2.99 very soon. Best hurry up and download it then.