iPhone and iPod Touch app of the week - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

With the film riding high in the movie charts, this week's iPhone and iPod Touch app of the week is the eBook version of the story that 'The Curious C

With the Kindle 2 brewing up quite a storm across the interwebs (and us feeling very left out that a UK release has still yet to be announced) this offers a way for us to enjoy a taste of that experience on the go, all for the princely sum of nothing.

It's a bizarre tale of a man who starts life aging backwards, starting old and getting ever younger. As you can imagine this makes certain parts of his life rather difficult, especially in the romance department. The film is based on the book, rather than being a complete telling of it, so don't go screaming 'it's nothing like the film' like some people reviewing the app have done.

So a simple one this week, and a chance to try out reading books on your iPhone or iPod Touch.