iPhone and iPod Touch app of the week - Chop Sushi

So last week it was 'SlotZ Racer' that grabbed our accolade of 'app of the week', and I promised myself that I wouldn't choose two games in a row. Wel

On first glance it looks like most other 'match 3' style games, like Bejeweled - but for the measly sum of £1.79 it offers a bit more depth and a unique art style that certainly  mixes things up a tad.

The main bulk of the game is in the single player story mode. The idea is you batter your opponent by grabbing your sushi pieces and moving them down their row or column, which shifts everything over - and if you match three or more then you'll start to give your foe a good smacking. The story's silly enough, but provides a bit of context to all this raw-fish moving action.

The graphics are great, and the whole thing has a really pleasing aesthetic. It's a good laugh, and while it won't keep you hooked for as long as some of the other games out there, for well under the price of a pint it'll keep you entertained this weekend.