iPhone 6 getting a new dark grey colour option?

Rumours suggest so. Maybe Apple wants to create a colour chart using iPhones?
The next iPhone may come in a new dark grey colour

Fancy the iPhone 6 in a new dark grey colour? We’d think so. Well, you might get your wish, because according to MacRumors Apple may be launching its iPhone 6 in another shade .

That’s what the source makes from the images and a video passed to it by Russian-based company Feld & Volk, which also claimed to possess some mid-production units of the yet to be launched (or even announced) 4.7in iPhone 6.

But another set of leaked images showed the device in a dark black (how dark can black actually go?), and it seems that it’s shades darker than the “Space Grey” tint that the iPhone 5s sports. This makes us question the credibility of the source – or maybe there’s going to be two different choices for us to pick from.

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A lit-up logo?

The images and video also show the shell of the purported iPhone 6 to have a cutout around the Apple logo on the back of the unit, leading to speculation that we'll see a backlit Apple logo similar to that on a MacBook Pro or Air.

Or it could be that a non-metal Apple logo will fill up the cutout. This is what’s traditionally been done on the iPad and it could possibly allow for better mobile reception. We’re thinking this is more likely to happen than the illuminated Apple icon.

Many early images are being posted of the iPhone 6, but it’s too early to say for sure which are closer to the truth of the actual retail product than others. Nevertheless, keep those iPhone 6 leaks coming, people. 

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[Via MacRumors