iPhone 5’s internal organs spotted in the wild

The blood and guts of Apple’s next-gen iPhone have been caught in the wild 

The age-old tradition of leaked Apple spy shots continues with freshly released photos of the next iPhone’s camera module, battery and audio flex cable. First up is the camera, seemingly a single-LED flash affair, which will come as a disappointment to late-night ravers and ninja assassins with a penchant for night time snaps. 

The less-remarkable battery shot looks identical to the iPhone 4’s offering, suggesting that a similar battery life is on the cards.

Unless you’re a passionate aficionado for headphone audio systems, the audio flex cable probably won't get your heart racing. The design differs slightly from that found in the iPhone 4, but whether that brings any noticeable changes in use remains to be seen.

All we need now are a few more leaks of the internals to stitch together our very own Franken-Phone 5 from scratch. Until then however, we’ll just have to wait until September, when all will mercifully be revealed.

via MacRumors


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