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iPhone 5’s A6 processor packs in 1GB of RAM

Some crafty online sleuthing completes a little more of the iPhone 5's spec sheet puzzle

Apple traditionally keeps its lips tightly sealed when it comes to detailed specs like RAM in its product launches, and the iPhone 5 launch last week was no exception.

Luckily some gadget sleuths over at AnandTech have deduced that the new A6 processor tucked away within the bowels of the iPhone 5 is packing 1GB of Samsung RAM among its silicon, made up of two 512MB dies at 1066MHz.

In English, that means a 33 per cent improvement in speed over the iPhone 4S – a handy boost to make up for the higher res display and increased graphics performance (on paper at least). As for how the iPhone 5 manages in the real world? You’ll have to wait for our incoming review…

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[AnandTech via Gizmodo]

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