iPhone 5 – why moving the flash makes sense

Is Apple moving the flash away from the camera on the iPhone 5? And why?

Our recent exclusive leak of an iPhone 5 Pro case revealed the possibility of the iPhone 5's camera flash relocating to the opposite side of the lens. Apple has always shown a meticulous level of attention to detail meaning that this choice wouldn't have been made lightly. So why move it?

The best reason, and the gremlin of anyone who's bought a point-and-shoot camera with neighbouring flash and lens in the past decade, is red-eye effect – a phenomenon that’s capable of turning your sweet nan into a demon spawn at the click of a virtual shutter. There are ways around it – most of us have experienced the moment-killing pre-flash sequence – but the real fix, and so Apple might think for its iPhone 5, is to put some distance between the offending components.

We're not alone in finding purported iPhone 5 case leaks (you can see various pictures of the iPhone 5 here) and there are others that suggest Apple will leave the flash parked once again next to the lens. Is it too much to hope the iPhone 5 will deign to add an optional red-eye reduction? No – Apple's always been a bit of a Johnny-come-lately in the camphone stakes and a pre-flash, pupil-shrinking flicker could be included in iOS 5 so iPhone 4 users would also benefit. Of course, Apple may claim to have invented it – remember when FaceTime invented video calling?

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