An iPhone 5 is surfing the internet right now

Apple’s new iPhone has been spotted popping into a web server online – not long until it arrives in the big wide world

An iPhone 5 has escaped the rumour mill and is surfing the internet right now. The Apple fugutive was spotted on a server and reported by TechCrunch, adding weight to the heavily rumoured September 12th release date.

The name of the liberated handset was N42AP (5,2) – the part in brackets refers to the model number and the fact that this is the second prototype. So if you spot someone with a slightly bigger (4in) iPhone listening to their headphones plugged in at the bottom, snap it for us and we’ll share it with the world. Or wait until September 12th when the iPhone 5 should be revealed to everyone.

[TechCrunch via Pocket-Lint; iPhone 5 render by Martin uit Utrecht]

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