iPhone 5 – the story so far

The iPhone 5 will be born in a storm of rumours. We put on our forecasting hat to predict which will come true

iPhone 5 – what we expect right now

The iPhone 5 will come in two versions: a 3.5in dual-core model with a Retina Display(326ppi), and a 4in quad-core version with a Super Retina Display (365ppi), both will have 4G LTE connectivity, a 128GB storage option, a hefty 1GB RAM and possible 13MP cameras. Both may come with a curved Gorilla Glass screen and should be packing NFC-enabled iWallet.

iPhone 5 – January rumours

We could be seeing the NFC-enabled iWallet-toting iPhone 5 as soon as June 10. The quad-core iPhone should come packing a 4in Super Retina Display and maybe even a Thunderbolt port, with an option for 128GB memory on board. It'll be thinner too.

iPhone 5 – December rumours

The 4in display is all but confirmed with the leaks of a 720p resolution screen that will mean a whopping 365ppi. There’s also strong evidence to suggest an A6 quad-core processor. We can also expect two versions of the iPhone in a 3.5in dual-core and 4in quad-core device. Both will come packing 4G LTE connections. Rumours of Apple dropping US$400 million on a flash memory manufacturer also fuels speculation that a higher capacity – potentially 128GB – iPhone 5 may be a reality.

iPhone 5 – November rumours

The hot topic this month was that the iPhone 5 was going to be launched when the 4S was unveiled but the expense of curving Gorilla Glass was too costly and so Steve Jobs scrapped it and Apple bought it’s own screen making factories to create the iPhone 5 curved glass displays. There was also word of Apple ordering in 4in displays ready for a new larger iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 – October rumours

The iPhone 4S landed and rumours of two devices floated about. The A6 quad-core chip was rumoured with hopes it will appear in the iPhone 5.

Everything below was the story leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4S.


iPhone 5, that mythical slab of smartphone anticipation, could be with us in a matter of weeks. Days, even. With that in mind, we’ve trawled the rumour bin to bring you the story so far, to tell you what we’re hoping for, and to explain what we’ll most likely get from the iPhone 5.

To plot the path of the iPhone 5 from distant rumour to near physical reality – without even the benefit of a carelessly abandoned prototype, as we had with the iPhone 4 – we need to put the rumour bus in reverse and take a trip down memory lane.

Launch of the iPhone rumours

The sapling rumours began before the flames of the iPad 2’s March unveiling had cooled. First there was the (now debunked) suggestion that the iPhone 5 would launch on 6th June. Then came speculation in April that the iPhone 5 would get an 8MP rear-facing camera, a rumour that has held out to this day. Also in April, we suggested the launch would be in September.

iPhone 5 screen dreams

It wasn’t long before some fairly unlikely looking intel suggested we might see smart secondary displays on Apple’s next iPhone. That was a long shot when we first reported it in April, as was the rumour (perhaps fuelled by Google’s Nexus S) that the iPhone 5’s screen might be curved. More recently, patent applications point to tech that could slim the screen and the iPhone 5 device itself. No wonder we’re expecting it to be the world’s thinnest phone when it launches. Possibly with a 4in screen.

The body of iPhone 5

But apart from that as yet unconfirmed 4in display, what else might the iPhone 5 be wearing? Early suggestions tipped a metal jacket, with a secondary (distinctly un-Apple) plastic phone expected to bring in a budget option. Then we started seeing pictures, however questionable, that tallied with the next phone being an incremental update nearly identical design to the iPhone 4. It would, said some, be called the iPhone 4S. We strongly disagree. This mock-up threw the iPhone 4 design out of the window, too.

iPhone 5’s new technology

Apple had already expressed its doubts about NFC for the iPhone 5 (though some still held out hope). But it did think your next iPhone might be helpful to you in other ways. There were plenty of things we wanted to see from Apple’s latest smartphone. Whether we’ll get them, only time will tell.

When will the iPhone 5 launch?

Having established that an autumn launch was most likely, the speculation on that all important launch date began. And continued. Again and again and again and again. We think it’s unlikely the American company will opt to launch the iPhone 5 on September 12 – a day after the 10-year anniversary of the USA’s biggest terrorist attack. Instead it’ll go for something towards the end of the first week of September.

Whenever the iPhone 5 launches, we’ll be bringing you up to the minute details live on the day, plus detailed analysis, the best iPhone 5 review you’ll read this year and lots more. Meanwhile, there’ll be more speculation to come.

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