The iPhone 5 – Steve Jobs' final project

Apple’s next blower will definitely (maybe) have a makeover, courtesy of the late Steve Jobs

Analyst Ashok Kumar has stated that the next iPhone – which we’ll tentatively call the iPhone 5 – was “…the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design”.

A second source also informed CNet that the iPhone 5 is likely to be a complete redesign, which we expect will be the tapered body and larger screen that were the subject of persistent rumours around the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, is reported to have had minimal involvement in the development of the iPhone 4S due to his limited time, which comes as no surprise given that the overall design remained the same.

Either way, Apple’s next iPhone announcement looks set to put the hype machine through its toughest test yet and we expect the rumour mill to keep on churning away.


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