Is the iPhone 5 slated for an October release date?

Leaks, pre-orders, and production – the rumour mill stretches to breaking point as it tries to keep up with the iGossip

The leaks and speculations surrounding Apple’s next-gen blower continue their saturation of the interwebs, with the latest developments suggesting an early October release date as opposed to one in mid September.

BGR has reported that a leaked document from Best Buy shows that pre-orders for the new device may be starting this week, with an expected arrival date in the first week of October – this nicely matches up with yesterday’s Bloomberg report which stated that Deutsche Telecom customers can reserve the iPhone 5 from this week onwards.

As for the manufacturing side of things, Macotakara is reporting that production has already begun at the Foxconn and Pegatron plants and that finished units have yet to be packaged as the release build of iOS 5 has yet to be signed off.

Whether this latest iGossip proves to be true or false, it’s safe to say that the ball definitely seems to be picking up speed at Apple HQ...


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