iPhone 5 rumoured to wear metal

Could Apple's next-gen handset take its design cues from the just launched iPad 2?

- iPhone 5 rumour round-up

If you’ve been overindulging on all of the iPad 2 news, perhaps a wafer thin iPhone 5 rumour will help ease the bloated feeling.

Whispers from a source in China are pointing towards a re-embracing of aluminum and the ditching of glass for the next version of the phone that changed everything. Various reasons for this change point to problems such as the glass scratching easily, its weight and its allergy to being painted white.

Unsurprisingly the dodgy antenna appears to be undergoing a nip and tuck, with the antenna rumoured to be housed in the rear Apple logo, iPad style. The new Apple A5 processor is also expected to be powering the device, which is likely to be unveiled this summer and as always, expect the Apple hype-o-meter to be maxed out until then.

Source: Boy Genius Report


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