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iPhone 5 rumour round-up

Hankering for all the news on Apple's next-gen blower? We've got you covered

UPDATE: Read our iPhone 5 review

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Apple’s products have a profound impact on the tech ecosystem. The iPhone’s iron grip on the smartphone market is set to tighten with the upcoming release of the much-rumoured iPhone 5 and we’ve dug through the archives to give you all the juicy gossip on one handy page.

– iPhone 5 – Lightning connector and Apple Earpods?

– Apple iPhone 5 liveblog 2012

– HTC tries to ban iPhone 5 with 4G patents

– Is this the new slim iPhone 5?

– Leaked video shows iPhone 5 booting up

– iPhone 5 battery is outed online

– iPhone 5 in shops on September 21st?

– iPhone 5 or “The new iPhone?”

– Apple invites go out for September 12th event – iPhone 5 incoming

– New iPhone 5 video leaks as Apple’s nano-SIM appears in wild

– Apple invites goes out for September 12th event

– See how the iPhone 5 stacks up against the iPhone 4 (and iPhone 3GS)

– iPhone 5 screen in production now by LG

– Is this the iPhone 5 connector cable?

– iPhone 5 parts assembled

– New iPhone 5 photos leaked

– iPhone 5 September 12th release date confirmed by Sharp president

– iPhone 5 to have new 8 pin dock connector

– iPhone 5 release date slated for September, iPad Mini to ship in November

iPhone 5 to have two new cases?

– iPhone 5 photos leak, again

Is this the iPhone 5?

– Fingerprint readers coming to Apple tech?

– Apple’s NFC patent could turn your iPhone into the ultimate all-in-one controller

– iPhone 5 coming on September 21st?

iPhone 5 to have thinner screen?

– iPhone 5 arrival imminent as mobile operators stockpile nano-SIMs

iPhone 5 front panel images leak

Is this the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini samples get caught on camera

iPhone 5 to get NFC for Passbook payments?

New iPhone 5 MagSafe dock connector could restrict which accessories you buy

– Evidence mounts for smaller iPhone 5 dock connector

Apple dual-screen apps incoming

– Here’s what the white iPhone 5 could look like

– iPhone 5 case spotted in new video

Apple iPhone 5 to appear at WWDC on June 11th

Apple testing iPhone 5 with A5X chip?

iPhone 5 to get 4in screen and unibody redesign

iPhone 5 coming in June says Foxconn recruiter

iPhone 5 to get 3D camera with face and object recognition

Apple building 5in Retina Displays for iPhone 5 – or iPad Mini?

iPhone 5 haptic feedback may feel like virtual buttons

Apple iPhone 5 could simply be called the iPhone

Apple iPhone 5 to be waterproof?

iPhone 5 and iPod Touch to get built-in beat-matching DJ

iPhone 5 to get 4.6in Retina Display

5 of the best iPhone 5 concepts

Apple iPhone 5 release date could be in October

iPhone 5 to allow in-call file sharing

iPhone 5 may launch on June 10

iPhone 5 to get iWallet NFC

Sony’s tiny new 13MP CMOS sensor could be in the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 with 4in screen coming this summer?

iPhone 5 is quad-core with 4in Super Retina Display

Apple working on Thunderbolt-equipped iPhone and iPad

Could Apple’s flash storage company purchase mean a 128GB iPhone 5?

Could silicon-beating molybdenite chips mean a thinner iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to get 4G LTE

Apple iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to be larger

Apple take delivery of 4in screen for iPhone 5

Apple scrapped the iPhone 5 because curving Gorilla Glass was too costly

Apple’s iPhone 5 was real but Steve Jobs scrapped it

iPhone 5 details and pictures leaked

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S specs confirmed

iPhone 4S paper trail spotted, iPhone 5 nowhere to be seen

iPhone 5 to get faster HSPA+ connection

iPhone 5 killing off the iPod?

iPhone 5 to get 1GB of RAM and Assistant voice navigation?

iPhone 6 to get curved glass screen?

iPhone 5 teased by Vodafone

iPhone 5 will have a 4G or 4S brother

How long until iPhone 5 hits the shops? 

iPhone 5 – why moving the flash makes sense

Al Gore lets slip Apple’s iPhone 5 strategy

iPhone 5 to launch October 4

Budget iPhone 4S to launch alongside iPhone 5

iPhone 5 in pictures

iPhone 5 pic suggests new camera flash placement

More exclusive iPhone 5 case pictures emerge

iPhone 5 to be released on October 15?

iPhone 5 case picture surfaces

iPhone 5 to come with 16GB or 32GB of storage

iPhone 5 – what to expect

Is the iPhone 5 slated for an October release date?

iPhone 5 release date leaked by Amazon?

Apple employee loses iPhone 5 prototype

iPhone 5 to get gesture control touchpad

iPhone 5’s internal organs spotted in the wild

iPhone 5 will be CDMA/GSM compatible

LTE iPhone 5 to land in September

iPhone 5 to launch on 7th September

iPhone 5 website exposed on video

Need to know – iPhone 2011 rumours

iPhone 5 slims down thanks to skinny screen patent

Next iPhone will be iPhone 5, not iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 wish list

– iPhone 5 rumoured to wear metal

– iPhone 5 to get curved glass screen

– iPhone 5 picture surfaces

– iPhone 5 to get 8MP camera

– Rumour Mill – iPhone 5 getting NFC support

– Apple shuns NFC for iPhone 5

– Will the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have smart secondary displays?

– Rumour Mill – iPhone 5 will be world’s thinnest phone

– iPhone 5 coming in September 2011

– Rumour Mill – iPhone 5 and iPad 3 dropping this Autumn?

– Apple orders 15m iPhone 5s for September

[iPhone 5 render by Martin Hajek]