iPhone 5 release date slated for September, iPad Mini to ship in November

Top up the salt shakers, you're going to need a large heap for the latest dose of speculation hot off the iRumour Mill presses

Apple will begin shipping the iPhone 5 in mid-September, filling the hands of Apple devotees in late September, at least according to iLounge's 'highly reliable' source.

This seems to match up with the previous rumour of a September 21st release date and a new A4-powered iPod Touch with an iPhone 5-matching 4in screen is also expected to be announced alongside Apple's 5th gen super-phone.

As for the mysterious 7in iPad Mini? The same source states that it won't be ready to ship at the same time as its iPhone 5 and iPod Touch brethren and will instead have its own debut event, after which it will ship in November. A mini version of the iPad's Smart Cover and Smart Case will also reportedly be available for iPad Mini owners to purchase.

As always take these rumours with an unhealthy helping of salt, and stay tuned for more information as and when we get it. In the meantime, check out our iPhone 5 rumour roundup for all the rumours collected into one handy place.

[iLounge via AppleInsider]

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