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iPhone 5 pricing to start at US$200 (£125)

A leaked list of prices seems to point towards an iPhone 5 that’ll do the same wallet damage as the iPhone 4S

When the eye-watering iPhone 5 descends from the clouds this Wednesday September 12 it’ll be bringing with it an equally shocking price, apparently.

According to sources of 9to5mac the iPhone 5 will be starting at the same price as the iPhone 4S. That means we can expect a launch price on the 16GB model of US$200 (£125), while the 32GB will be US$300 (£190) and the 64GB will set you back US$400 (£250). Not too much damage to the wallet for the new 4in iPhone 5 then. Not convinced it’ll be good enough? Check out our iPhone 5 rumour round-up for what’ll be on offer.

UPDATE: Read our iPhone 5 review

[9to5mac via Gizmodo]

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