iPhone 5 up for pre-order today?

You could be buying the iPhone 5 sooner than expected

We’ve already had a stab at guessing when the next iPhone will actually drop but one thing we had ruled out was an October 4th launch and release all rolled into one. Usually tech PRs get to squeeze out some more hype in between the launch and release date.

So what makes us think that we could be pre-ordering an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S in mere hours? Well, Macgasm are reporting that Verizon Wireless, one of the big US networks, is offering its call centre staff “unlimited overtime” for one day today to deal with the influx of Apple hungry callers.

Maybe they’re just expecting lots of calls regardless of the actual release date – which could be a couple of weeks away. But if Verizon doesn’t have anything iPhone-shaped to offer its customers, why would it be throwing cash at its hard-working employees?

Fire up our iPhone 5 liveblog now – we'll have for the latest news straight from Tim Cook's mouth, faster than you can say "Where's Steve?"


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