iPhone 5 October release on the cards

The rumour mill has opened its doors and its now pretty clear to see when the new iPhone is coming out

The iPhone 5, like a mythical beast, has been long sought after and talked about to the point of creating its very own rumour mill. Now a report from the Wall Street Journal has pointed towards an October release as three of America’s big four mobile operators will be selling the iPhone 5 from mid-October. On top of that Apple has secured a huge advertising campaign due to launch mid-October.

Now the only thing left to do – other than sell everything to afford it – is to decide what shape it will come in so we don’t miss it. There are two schools on this: one reckons it’ll stay the same as the iPhone 4 (spurred on by the few tester handsets that have cropped up with new components in the old shell); and the other that it will use curved glass or at least be super slim. We're sure an Apple logo plastered on even the least successful device will still sell faster than fuel at a Destruction Derby.


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