iPhone 5 headphone jack and earpiece components leak

The new iPhone looks like it’ll have a new internal layout suggesting a new shape

iPhone 5 headphone jack and earpiece components have appeared online for sale and their variation from the iPhone 4 and 4S suggests a new shaped handset.

The components, for sale at US$7.71 on SW-Box, are different from the previous iPhone which featured the headphone jack included on the same part as the volume buttons and mute switch. This headphone jack is now attached to the earpiece and Wi-Fi components. Hopefully this is a better method that delivers enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal interference and, potentially, a new shape.

This component appearance suggests the iPhone 5 has a final design and it should be coming soon – hopefully in time for Apple’s WWDC on June 11th. Stay tuned for details on the day and check out our iPhone 5 rumour round-up in the meantime.

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