iPhone 5 to get NFC with iTunes sharing

Could a (not so) surprise appearance in Apple's next smartphone push NFC into the limelight?

Haven't had an iPhone 5 rumour in a while, have we? The Samsung Galaxy S III is a-coming but we've still got one eye on Cupertino's next smartphone. And it looks like everyone's favourite nearly-there, future payment system NFC looks will be winging its way into the iPhone 5, based on a patent relating to iTunes gifting unearthed by Patently Apple.

Gifting? If you think that sounds lame, don't worry – it's just a typically American way of saying sharing. Except Apple doesn't mean sharing in the law-breaking sense – more like sending an iTunes playlist or movie download to your mate for them to buy too.

iPhone 4S rival the HTC One X comes with an NFC chip – but we reckon the inclusion of one in the iPhone 5 this summer could be the tipping point shops and bars need to install the tech for NFC transactions. It's sad but true – Apple pretty much holds NFC's future in its hands.

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