iPhone 5 to get faster HSPA+ connection

So we’re crippled by no 4G LTE in the UK, but that isn’t going to slow Apple down

The latest leak on the quickly approaching iPhone 5 comes from a slide shown in Macworld Asia via AppleInsider. It looks clear from the picture that the iPhone 5 will be packing a hyper speed HSPA+ 21Mbps modem. What does that mean for us in the UK?

Since we don’t have 4G it’s a good thing that Apple isn’t going down the LTE road, but is instead improving on the infrastructure already in place. O2 and 3 currently have the fastest networks in the UK with some HSPA+ modems getting solid 5Mbps download speeds. So we can expect super fast internet – adding weight to the rumour that the phone will be all about iCloud connectivity so Apple can beat back the Amazon Fire coming at it. Hurry up 4th October.


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