iPhone 5 to get App Store rentals?

Could Apple have this iOS 5 App Store trick up its sleeve?

How many 69p's have you thrown down the drain on below-par apps? If you stray from our best iPhone apps, chances are you've waved goodbye to a lot of small change.

Luckily, the iPhone 5 rumour mill suggests that you'll soon be able to trial apps and games before you buy. TechCrunch reports that clues were unearthed by iOS hacker Sonny Dickson in iTunes Beta and they look a lot like existing rental agreements for movies in iTunes i.e. "apps are automatically removed from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period." 

So we could be looking at free, or very cheap, rentals of iOS 5 apps that would be automatically deleted after a one day or one week trial. Apple could be hot on the heels of the Amazon App Store for Android which announced its Test Drive feature back in March, allowing users to trial apps with a 30 minute simulation before buying them. Just "one more thing" to look forward to at today's event?


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