iPhone 5 to get 1GB RAM and Assistant voice navigation?

For everyone who dreams of a gadget that backchats ... wait a minute

Voice control on the iPhone 5 is a rumour that just won't go away and with just seven days until Apple is (probably) going to announce its next smartphone, we thought we'd have another look at potential iPhone 5 subservience.


9to5mac reports lots of features of the rumoured voice navigation system. Assistant could be able to call contacts, make appointments in the calendar, locate your friends and give you directions – all via voice command. Assistant might even ask you questions to check it understands the request properly.

Voice control accuracy

The fact that Apple bought the voice control and location app developers Siri last year has been an encouraging sign for anyone who has struggled with inaccurate voice commands in the past. 9to5mac seems to have tried out the additional Nuance speech-to-text Dictation feature too and report that it works in less than a second.

Extra RAM

The iPhone 5 is rumoured to have 1GB of RAM – double that of the iPhone 4. If it's true, additional RAM would mean improved web browsing and running of background tasks – like Assistant. So it's unlikely that an Assistant-style voice navigation would be rolled out to owners of iPhone 4s with just 512MB of RAM.


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