iPhone 5 to feature smaller 19-pin dock connector

Evidence is fast mounting up on that much talked about dock connector, which will be smaller to fit the headphone socket

Apple knows that smaller is often better when it comes to gadgets – and the evidence is mounting that the iPhone 5's dock connector is getting slimmed down to a 19-pin port.

Apple's also moving the headphone socket on the iPhone 5 to the bottom of the phone, according to Reuters – so the old 30-pin connector is just too, well, portly to accomodate both ports.

This is causing plenty of panic for those who’ve shelled out half-a-grand on a Bose SoundDock that won’t fit the new phone – although we expect an adapter will be released at the same time as the iPhone 5. But with Apple pushing AirPlay, concern over dock connector size seems a bit redundant anyway – unless you want to charge of course. And with a 4in display that may be thinner than ever we're expecting the iPhone 5 to be fairly thirsty on the battery.

9to5Mac's picture below shows the new configuration – which looks like an invitation to snagged headphone cables, if you ask us.

[Via The Verge]

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