iPhone 5 details and pictures leaked

Is it? Isn’t it? The most convincing evidence yet of a redesigned iPhone 5

So far this year, no one’s managed to leave an iPhone prototype handily lying around in a bar for us. Instead, someone claims to have found a secret portal (a link in blank space...) to a bit of Apple’s German site where the iPhone 5’s gallery, tech specs and other secrets are kept.

Is it real? If it is, you can expect an infinity screen, super-slim curved back design, dual-core A5 processor and 8MP cam with HD video. If it’s not, you can have a good ogle at what is admittedly a tasty bit of Apple-fawning design. We’re a tiny bit suspect about how close that screen has got to the edge of the phone and the font used to write ‘iPhone’ on the back panel is inconsistent with Apple’s style.

Maybe we’ve heard too many rumours not to be suspicious, but take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

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