iPhone 5 coming on September 21st?

Apple's next-gen iPhone is keeping the rumour mill spinning, as a September release date is teased

Another day, another iPhone 5 rumour. This time the latest online whisperings are concerned with its release date, which is now supposedly set for September 21st according to French site App4phone.fr.

The site claims that a large Chinese accessory manufacturer has been given the date directly by Apple so that it has enough time to churn out iAccessories – which could now have new dock connectors.

The iPhone 4S was, however, launched in October last year – and given that Apple is a company of habit, it would be wise to take this latest release date rumour with a healthy dose of salt.

The iPhone 5 has reportedly already hit the production phase, so either way it's safe to say that Apple's long-awaited iPhone 4S successor is right around the corner, though we'd recommend circling the date in pencil for the time being.

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[App4phone.fr, via PocketLint, iPhone 5 render by Hesadanza]

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