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iPhone 5 to be 18 per cent thinner than iPhone 4S

The iPhone 5 is set to be more beanpole than Apple – it's both taller and thinner than the iPhone 4S

While the iPhone 4S has a beautiful design, it can’t hurt to trim a little of that wasitline. And it looks like Apple agrees – rumour has it that the iPhone 5 will be a whopping 18 per cent thinner than its predecessor.

So when the iPhone 5 lands in September we can look forward to an increase in screen size to 4in, while its frame slims down to a mere 7.6mm thick – compared to the portly 9.3mm of the iPhone 4S. This comes from Apple Daily which took the shots of a pre-production part.

While Apple is currently leakier than the Titanic we’ll take this with a pinch of sea salt. But with rival phones like the 7.8mm-thick HTC One S making the iPhone 4S look positively chunky, it would make sense for Apple to put its flagship phone on a crash diet. And with a nano-SIM a grouped smaller connector port and headphone jack saving space, it seems reasonable to assume the iPhone 5 will be a slimmed down model. Here’s hoping it stays just as tough as its predecessor.

[Apple Daily Via AppleInsider]

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