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iPhone 5 battery is outed online

Apple's next-gen iPhone might have an official launch date, but that hasn't stopped its battery from going for a premature stroll on the interwebs

The iPhone 5 – or new iPhone, if you prefer – has finally received an official September 12th launch date, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from serving up an apparently genuine iPhone 5 battery ahead of the big day.

The newer iPhone 5 battery is around half an inch taller than the one found in the iPhone 4S and Apple repair company iResQ slotted it perfectly into one of many previously leaked iPhone 5 cases – adding some credibility to the iPhone 5’s rumoured design.

The battery’s slightly larger capacity (1440mAh vs 1430mAh) should come in handy for powering the iPhone 5’s larger screen and 4G capabilities, and the fact that it’s also thinner suggests that the Apple’s shaved a few millimetres off the iPhone 5 in its design lab.

Between the definite launch date, a (potentially) real battery and case leaks that have gained more credibility? Apple won’t have much to surprise us with next Tuesday. Or will it? Join us on September 12th to find out.

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[iResQ via Gizmodo]

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