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iPhone 5 A6 processor benchmarked – beats the competition

It might not be packing quad-cores, but the iPhone 5's silicon is a right screamer in the speed department, if these benchmarks are anything to go by

It might ‘only’ have 1GB of RAM and lack four cores, but the iPhone 5‘s A6 processor has just been initiated with its first benchmark, and the results are more than a little imrpessive.

Scoring 1601 on Geekbench (compared to the iPhone 4S’ 623), the iPhone 5 managed to surpass even the quad-core might of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (1591), HTC One X (1085) and even the Google Nexus 7 (1591)

Of course, there isn’t a great deal of space between some of those scores – and this is just one of many benchmarks, none of which can categorically give a truly reliable reading into real-world usability.

Nonetheless, it should fuel the ongoing argument over whether ‘four cores are better than two,’ for a while at least.

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