iPhone 5 with 4in screen coming this summer?

Foxconn workers are starting to blab about the next-gen iPhone – and its 2012 form factor

iPhone 5 rumours are giving us a bout of deja vu – but this time around, the hints pointing to a new iPhone design are looking mighty strong. 9to5mac is reporting that an anonymous Foxconn employee has leaked details of Apple's 2012 iPhone-shaped plans – and blabbed that the display would be 4in or larger.

The tipster also said that the iPhone 5 was ready for production and a summer release and none of the various sample next-gen iPhones have the same build as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The source has also ruled out a MacBook Air-style tear-drop design, as all the iPhone 5 prototypes floating around Foxconn have been symmetrical but longer and/or wider than previous iPhones.

As always, these are rumours and Apple isn't going to confirm or deny anything – but 9to5mac's source seems to be a reliable one, since the employee predicted an iPhone 4S release instead of an all-new iPhone 5 last year. Anyway, roll on summer.

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