iPhone 4S suffers faulty mic

Several customers are complaining Apple’s iPhone 4S won’t make calls properly

The iPhone 4S is an amazing device with a superb camera, stunning screen, super-fast internet and beautiful build quality. Only problem is the phone part – in several cases, it's not working.

We’ve received several emails from customers complaining that their brand new iPhone 4S will make calls, but the mic fails so they can’t be heard at the other end. One O2 customer was told that it wasn’t O2’s fault and they need to take their iPhone to Apple to have it fixed on their own time – just five days after they bought it.

Apple hasn’t come back to us with comment yet, but we’re not expecting this to be much more than a few faulty handsets.

Unless you’ve had problems too? Let us know in the comment box below or via Twitter @StuffTV.

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