iPhone 4S – reasons to be cheerful

Disappointed by the lack of an iPhone redesign? Here are eight reasons to turn that frown upside down

So the expected iPhone 5 failed to appear, with Apple delivering an upgraded iPhone 4S in its place. But it's not all bad news. Like the iPhone 4S itself, every cloud (and iCloud) has a silver lining...

One size fits all

All your iPhone 4 peripherals and cases will still fit the new model. And there are plenty of accessories we think will pair perfectly with the new phone – here are five of the best.

You're not going to get mugged

Newly-minted iPhone 4S owners won't have to worry about ne'er-do-wells pinching their shiny new piece of Apple kit – they won't be able to tell it apart from last year's model.

It's good news for kainotophobics

That's people who fear change, folks.

iPhone 4 owners can rest easy for a year

Fashion-conscious iPhone 4 owners can rest easy for a year, knowing that they won't look like yesterday's news. And they can upgrade to iOS 5 so no one will get wise to their game.

You probably won't have to queue

The streets outside Apple Stores aren't likely to be packed on October 14 for a simple hardware refresh. But here's why Stuff.tv will be there.

The improved antenna should put an end to the problem of dropped calls that blighted left-handed iPhone 4 owners.

No more dropped calls for southpaws

Samsung Galaxy S II owners get to look magnificently smug as they waft their 4.3in screen at iPhone 4S owners.

Android owners will be happy

... about over-inflated expectations. Have a look at how the iPhone 4S measures up to the pre-release rumours here.


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