iPhone 4S queue is the biggest ever

Well, not the biggest queue ever, we’ve been to Alton Towers. But it’s the largest Apple line to date

The iPhone 4S has gone on sale today and the typically epic queues at the Apple Store on Regent Street have – once again – broken records.

778 gadget-lovers were stationed outside this morning, hoping to get their hands on the new iPhone first. Our very own editor @WillFindlater was down there chatting to Sky News (video) alongside blogger @Flawlessfox, who has been queuing at the front since the iPhone 4S was announced on October 4. Fifth in the queue was Hai Ngo, 26, from Hanoi, Vietnam – who said the first thing he was going to ask Siri was: "When does the iPhone 5 come out?"

It would seem that the hunger for new Apple gadgets is still as strong as ever – and after playing with Siri in this demo, we can see why.

If you’re thinking of getting on the iPhone 4S bandwagon, read our iPhone 4S review, then check out the iPhone 4S tariff guide before you make any rash decisions. And bear in mind the Galaxy Nexus from Google and Samsung, packing the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, will be revealed next week. Decisions, decisions.

[Stats:; Image: macworld]


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